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Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

This beautiful actress who was born at September 19, 1962 in Pennsylvania starts her debut when she was 25 years old by joining the comedy group “The Groundlings”. Her name becomes more popular when she becomes the member of Saturday Night Live. Cheryl Ann Oteri is best known as an American comic actress that has been playing in some movies such as Scary Movie, Shrek the Third and Southland Tales, and also Inspector Gadget. In her 50s age, she still looks so young and fresh hence it makes public wonder the secret of her youthful appearance. Some people predict that she has some works done so that she can still look amazing in her old age.

Did Cheri Oteri Get Plastic Surgery?

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Before and After

The public has  noticed that Oteri’s appearance has not change much however  she is no long as young as she once was anymore.  This is despite that face that she looks even younger than the other women in her age. In her 50-year-old age her face does not show any aging signs like wrinkles and crow’s feet line around her eyes area. Therefore, Public predicts that she possibly has some ant aging treatment to maintain her youthfulness. Moreover her new face looks unnatural, frozen, and a bit weird. Such face appearance is usually caused by having overdone plastic surgery procedures.

If we begin to look at before and after photos, Cheri Oteri has likely had some facelift surgery. The signs of  which  can be seen through her tight face skin. On the other hand, if we look at on her new nose shape, it now has changed as well to be much more reshaped and thinner than before as if the surgeon has sculptured her nose through rhinoplasty surgery. Furthermore, her chin and cheek also appears to be injected with implants so that her cheek looks puffier and plumper while on her eyes area also do not show any eye bags so that it makes some people more believe that she has plastic surgery like blepharoplasty.

Generally women face in 50-year-old age usually will show some aging signs like wrinkles, crows feet line, and other line but what we see on Cheri’s face, it looks really different. Her face does not show any aging signs but it now looks so toned and flawless. Besides of those cosmetic surgery procedures above, it is possible that Cheri Oteri has some facial filler injection like Botox and Restylane or Juvederm because her face now looks so smooth and fresher than the women face in her age.

Overall, Cheri Oteri may feel satisfied with the results of her surgical procedures but some people think that her new face appearance looks odd because her face mostly can not show any emotions because of too many procedures that she has done around her face. They think that she has a bit over done with plastic surgery.