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Cher and More Plastic Surgery? Let’s Speculate

Cher Before and After Photos

For a sixty seven year old, the goddess of pop looks quite stunning. Thanks to Cher plastic surgery, she has been able to stay as glamorous as ever! Famous for her unorthodox outfits and outrageous wigs, the multitalented celebrity is best known for music career that spanned over 5 decades.

Cher first became famous as part of the Sonny-Cher duo, the real-life and on stage couple, who revolutionized the world of pop music.

What has Cher done to Herself this Time?

Cher, whose plastic surgery antics have been compared to that of Michael Jackson’s has done quite well so far. Despite undergoing the knife several times that too admittedly, Cher has managed to look quite graceful. Her aging process has seemed to be slowed down, without making her look artificial or mechanical. Cher plastic surgery decisions have been made with careful premeditation which has allowed her to avoid any plastic surgery blunders which may have left her grotesquely disfigured.

Cher plastic surgery news is not a new one; the celebrity has tried her hands on the new technology quite often. The star is quite candid about her need to undergo plastic surgery, claiming that she does not like the process of getting old and that plastic surgery has become a necessity to stay pertinent in the world of showbiz. Cher is quite outspoken about the reasons she has opted to undergo the knife, time and again. Cher believes that one need to be different in order to attract attention and this attention is what makes you successful in the showbiz.

Cher plastic surgery lists are a long one. While the actress has accepted that she undergoes the knife for cosmetic procedures she has never given out the detail of what she has gotten done and when. However, it is quite easy to see that the sixty seven year old has gotten a brow lift and a face lift. From the pictures featured, it can be seen that Cher has visibly less wrinkles in the after pictures. The crow feet in the before pictures are visibility less in the after, indicating to a face lift. Cher’s brows have undergone a transformation of its own, over the years, which is quite visible in her pictures.

Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cher’s claim to fame was her singing as a part of the duo, Sonny and Cher, with her husband. The dynamic duo went on to do a comedy show, which gained them widespread popularity. The couple split in 1975, and Cher went on with her career. In 1980s Cher won an Academy Award for the movie ‘Moonstruck’. The pop goddess released her latest album, last year, after a 12-year long break. (Like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey)

Cher is not only famous for contralto singing voice, but her exceptionally exquisite looks and unorthodox style. The actress-cum-singer has a unique sense of style that inspires some and awes the rest. Cher the unique confidence to carry uncomely wigs coupled with outrageous makeup, which has won her millions of fans all over the world.