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Cher Plastic Surgery Rumors and Speculation

Cher Plastic Surgery


Cher plastic surgery rumors are once again starting in Hollywood! The queen of pop, Cher, is one of the most respected singers in the industry and she is no stranger to plastic surgery. Cher has been known to get plastic surgery time and time again, and Cher plastic surgery rumors have started once again. Plastic surgery is no longer considered taboo or even a hush hush subject in Hollywood, more and more celebrities are opting to undergo the knife in order to tweak their appearances.

Cher is an American singer, actress, and television host. Cher is known for her distinctive voice as well as for having worked in different areas of the entertainment industry. She was nicknamed Goddess of Pop for constantly changing her style and appearance throughout her career. She is most well known for her outrageous fashion sense, from her over the top wigs to her heavy makeup.

One More Surgery!

Cher’s popularity is due to her music and recently she has been in the news for her plastic surgeries! The sixty six year old diva has had plastic surgery multiple times in a quest to look younger and more attractive. The extent of Cher’s plastic surgeries is not known and no one can really guess how many times the star has undergone the knife.

Recently, Cher got another face lift! Cher has gone under the knife to get a facelift multiple times in the past and this time she got one once again! Over the years Cher has had numerous plastic surgeries in attempt to look younger; these surgeries include several facelifts, brow lifts, Botox injections, a rhinoplasty and a blepharoplasty. A rhinoplasty is, in layman terms, a nose job. Cher got a nose to change the shape of her nose, to make it smaller and more angular. A blepharoplasty is a procedure done on the eyelids and is meant to reduce or remove wrinkles.

Cher Before and After

Although it is quite obvious from her face that Cher has had plastic surgery quite a few times, the actress’ multiple surgeries do not make her look overly unnatural. She has managed to look graceful and even prevent signs of aging through her plastic surgeries.

Talking About Plastic Surgery

In Hollywood, although plastic surgery is now common, few if any stars ever admit to undergoing the knife. Cher is an exception to this rule, the pop star has no inhibitions about discussing her plastic surgeries. The singer has admitted to all of her plastic surgeries and has claimed that it is necessary to get plastic surgery to stay successful in the show business.

Cher has said that she is not afraid of getting old but knows that getting old will mean that she is no longer relevant. She has said that she gets plastic surgeries to stay popular by looking young.

For over five decades, Cher has captured our hearts with her soulful voice and attractive personality. The pop star has managed to stay on our radars when hundreds others have faded and that may all be due to her plastic surgeries. From Cher’s attitude it seems she will always be ready to get one more surgery, lets see what her next one is!