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Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After

The subject of Chelsea Handler plastic surgery rumors, unlike her comedy, seems to be grounded in reality. This comedian who was born in New Jersey on February 25, 1975 is not only best known as a comedian but she is also known as an actress, hostess, producer, and also an author. Although she is no longer young, some people still admire her beautiful appearance. However, her natural beauty seems to be augmented by plastic surgery.

Has Chelsea Handler Had Plastic Surgery?

Rumor first began spreading out to the public when she broke up with her boyfriend, André Balazs, a President and CEO of the Properties Company. It is hard to tell whether her boyfriend intentionally spread that rumor or there are other people who did it.

Chelsea Handler Breast Implants

Well, to make it clear we need to examine some Chelsea Handler plastic surgery before and after pictures. If we look in detail at the picture comparison, she apparently had something unusual on her face which now looks smooth and tight despite the fact that her age isn’t young anymore. To get such a facial appearance in her old age, it is usually obtained through facelift surgery and combined with dermal injections like Botox or others around the facial skin.

Furthermore, if we look at the other parts of her body there is something that suggests that there were some Chelsea Handler breast implants done. Such cup size appearance in a 38-year-old age is very unusual if it is not helped by a plastic surgeon. Based on the unnatural look of her bust size, some people believe that Chelsea Handler had breast augmentation surgery.

Overall, we cannot say for certain whether the Chelsea Handler plastic surgery rumors are real or not but we noticed that she indeed looks better and sexier even though she is not young anymore. If she really has had some work done, it must have been done by a very good plastic surgeon. However, if the plastic surgery rumors, she must have been blessed with good genes so she can still look sexy, beautiful, and elegant in her old age. Kind of like Julie Bowen

What do you think about this? Does she look like she has had some work done? Never hesitate to share your ideas with us here!