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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Chelsea Clinton Nose Job Before and After

Chelsea Clinton Plastic surgery rumors seem to be trending all over the internet. Now it’s not only Hollywood celebrities being accused of going under the knife, but also politicians and their families. In the past we have discussed some other politician’s aesthetic surgeries like Michele Bachmann, Mary Matalin, and John Kerry. Now we will discuss the possibility that Chelsea Clinton has had plastic surgery done. As we know, Chelsea is a daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Although she is not as famous as a Hollywood actress or singer, this beautiful lady continues to be a public figure because of her parents. So, it’s no wonder she is always surrounded by paparazzi that are ready to catch up on her life, especially when she has transformed her physical appearance.

Chelsea Clinton Chin Implants Before and After

Chelsea Clinton allegedly had a rhinoplasty since her pictures appeared with a reshaped nose. If we look at before and after photos, she previously had a bigger and rounder nose. Recently her nose looks slimmer with a narrower bridge. Also she lost her bump on the nose which makes it prettier.

Further, based on before and after photos above, Chelsea also looks like she had a different appearance especially in her chin area. We suspect that she likely had chin implants as well to make her chin look more refined. The result was really amazing, her chin looks much better with a sharper jaw line. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon from Manhattan, said that this 33 year old lady looks better after having some work done like a nose job and chin surgery. The surgeon also added that she also apparently had lip fillers since her lips now look thicker. In the end of her reviews, Dr. Walden said that even though she has been rumored to have some surgical procedures, they do not seem to be overdone, but instead they give her a more beautiful and natural appearance.

All in all, Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery works were skillfully done. She looks wonderful, right?