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Celebrity Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After

The star of popular reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Taylor Armstrong reportedly has plastic surgery. The rumor of her plastic surgery appears in the surface since her divorce with her husband Russell Armstrong. We can not say that her plastic surgery is as impingement of her frustration after being left by her husband. Based on the spreading rumors, her ex husband left her for another young woman.

Did Taylor Armstrong Have Plastic Surgery?

At first Taylor Armstrong was a beautiful woman with smart personality and high confident. But after having divorce with her husband, she appears to be unconfident woman. Therefore she committed to plastic surgery to get the confident back.

Based on before and after photos, she likely has changes on her face and lips. Her face now looks so smooth and tight meanwhile her lips look plumper up and juicier. However, the changes have made her a little bit weird. Many plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Salzhauer and Dr. Paul S. Nassif claimed that she possibly has facelift surgery combined with some facial filler injection like Botox. Furthermore, her lips also appear to be injected with some filler like Restylane or Juvederm, and possible collagen so that they look more plumped up and juicer. Both of the surgeons judged that her new appearance brings her to the weird appearance.

In short, having plastic surgery is everyone right; there is no harm to enhance appearance. However, it does not mean that we invite you to get some plastic surgery procedures because we believe that it does not always guarantee the best results. Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery may be able to be one of the best examples for celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.