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Celebrity Kim Zolciak Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Kim Zolciak Before and After

Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak or better known as Kim Zolciak is an American reality television personality who becomes more popular since her debut at “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. This beautiful celebrity who was born in May 19, 1978 still looks wonderful in her mid 30s age. She does not have any aging sign on her face and it is mostly different for the ordinary women in her age who usually have some wrinkles or crows’ feet line around their face. What we see on her face, she still looks fresh and beautiful hence it makes public suspect that she may have some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her beauty and youthful face.

At first Kim Zolciak strongly denied that she has had plastic surgery. She told that her changing appearance is caused by make up illustration. However, if we look at before after photos, there are big changes around her body shape and her appearance. It is impossible that she can change her body shape and appearance in the short time if she does not get any help from plastic surgeon. However, ever since her pictures comparisons were uploaded on internet, she finally admitted that she has some works done on her changing appearance. She told that she has some works done after giving birth for her second child. It is totally different from her first statements in which she said that she is free from any surgical procedures but she recently says shocking statements that plastic surgery is needed as long as it can enhance the appearance and improve the confident.

Kim Zolciak Before and After Tummy Tuck

Based on before and after plastic surgery photos, she likely has some changes on her face area like nose, lip, cup size, and on her body. She apparently has nose job (rhinoplasty) and lip augmentation. The signs of those surgery procedures can be seen through her nose which looks thinner with well shaped at tip. Meanwhile, her lip augmentation signs can be seen on her latest lip appearance which looks juicer and plumped up. Kim Zolciak also seems to have breast augmentation and tummy tuck which have made her sup size still looks bigger, fuller, and tighter whereas she has had two children. it is impossible for the ordinary women whose two children to have such cup size appearance if they do not have any breast implants. Furthermore, the scars after having birth for the second child are not noticeable around her stomach and her body still looks stunning as if she looks like a woman who has not given any birth to her child. Therefore, public believe that she must have got some treatments like tummy tuck to eliminate the scars and the excess fat around her stomach.

Well, she does not only reportedly has nose job, lip augmentation, breast implant, and tummy tuck to enhance her appearance, Kim Zolciak likely also has dermal fillers like botox injection that was injected around her face to get rid the signs of aging. In her recent appearance she looks has smooth and tight skin face, without aging signs anymore.

In short, Kim Zolciak plastic surgery seems to be the secret of her sexy and beautiful appearance even though she has just given birth to her second child. That’s a good job.