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Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jocelyn Wildenstein is known because she is a wealthy socialite. Her name becomes more famous after she decided to have unique appearance like cat throughout plastic surgery. Her catwoman appearance is possibly inspired by her love to cat hence she is finally called as catwoman. The big question is how does she look like now? Has her face now looked like a cat?

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before And After

She is a 67-years-old woman  and she is the wife of a billionaire art dealer named Alec Wildenstein. This power couple is best known with their glamour lifestyle. Even one source claimed that they often spend more than $1 million per month to fulfill their needs. So it is not wonder if Ms. Wildenstein has spent much money to realize her dream to be a catwoman. To make her face like a cat, she off course has many plastic surgery procedures. Some plastic surgeons noted that she may get facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose job (rhinoplasty), cheek augmentation, lip injection, chin surgery, and many more. She should change her eyes into eye-cat looking, her cheek also has to be injected with some dermal filler, and then her lip likely was injected with some filler injection as well. Even one source reported that Jocelyn has spent more than $4 Million to transform her face like a cat. In one occasion she told that she firstly felt happy and satisfied with the result of her plastic surgery but some people judge that what she did is the foolish job. Some people now feel afraid with her horrible appearance therefore she gets lots of criticisms from public and suggest her to get back to her surgeon to make her to be a normal woman again. Since she got many critiques from her friends and fans, she finally decided to get back her normal face.

When Jocelyn Wildenstein decided to be under knife for the umpteenth time, she hoped that her plastic surgeon can bring back her normal face. Unfortunately, what she hoped did not run well. Her face now looks much weirder and mostly unrecognizable. She told that she felt worried for her latest surgical result.  Her surgeon advised her to be patient and he ensured her that to bring back her normal face was not easy job. It is needed many procedures of plastic surgery in order to make her face to be a normal again.

All over, we may get a great lesson from Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery experience that not all can be reached with money. Although she looks better now but what we see on her surgery story becomes our consideration before deciding to be under plastic surgeon knife. However, we appreciate for her effort to get a normal woman.