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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Carrot Top is known for his outrageous hair style and his distinct sense of humor. The renowned comedian is famous for his sarcasm and self-deprecatory humor. In the past, he has been in the lime lights for several reasons; such as; drug abuse, steroid use and his outrageous parodies, in the recent times we are hearing headlines such as Carrot Top Plastic Surgery. Seems like Carrot Top’s blotched plastic surgery is bringing him more fame them he anticipated!

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Speculation

In a Carrot Top Plastic Surgery interview with Oprah Winfrey, he famously said, ‘”People think I’ve had plastic surgery — no, it just takes a lot of makeup to make me look good’. The comedian who is famous for ridiculing himself is also the butt of jokes on several occasions.

An interview discussing Carrot Top plastic surgery got this response from him “And one of the comics says, ‘Jesus, Carrot Top, when are you gonna stop with all the plastic surgery? You look like the guy from ‘The Mask’ or something.’ However, rude humor and not-so-subtle tabloids have done little to faze Carrot Top, who claims that is all in the name of fun!

Overall, Carrot Top seems to handle the criticisms and rumors pretty well, maintaining a positive and a lighthearted approach to questions related to the rumors of his cosmetic endeavors in various interviews. (Just like Mark McGrath and Mickey Rourke)

The question about Carrot Top Plastic Surgery remains unanswered. However, from the pictures it is apparent that he got some work done. There is no mistaking the work of a plastic surgeon when we compare Carrot Top’s current pictures to his past ones. The shape of his nose and lips is visibly different. He has fewer crow’s feet and less wrinkled forehead. Seems like someone is trying to hide behind his caustic humor!

Carrot Top Steroid Abuse

Now a days Carrot Top, whose real name is Scott Thomson has been hitting headlines due to his ‘reformed’ body. The 54 year old comedian, actor, singer and director have been rumored to be abusing steroids to get his picturesque buff physique. While, Carrot Top vehemently denies these rumors and claim to have the discipline to get the physique via the hard work and right exercise, we do not believe him.

Medically speaking, the actor has too many years on him to be physically capable of attaining such a buff figure in such a short span of time, that too without the help of steroids.