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Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is a fact that there are so many celebrities, actresses and actors, reportedly have plastic surgery procedures as the way to enhance and maintain their youthful appearance. And it also can not be denied that many stories if there are many public figures have different stories regarding to the results of their beauty enhancements. Some of them might be successful and obtained best result, but not a few of them also experienced bad situation after being under plastic surgeon’s knife. The latest news reports that Carla Bruni who is best known as a singer and songwriter has been under knife to keep her beautiful image. Unluckily what she had done seems to be the boomerang for her. She looks weird and even awful after getting some works done. The big question that often comes to celebrity viewers’ mind is what type of plastic surgery procedures that she had so she could look so strange.

Judging by comparing before and after photos, some people guess that this Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife has got multiple surgery procedures like Facelift that was combined with too much filler injection. If you are still in doubt, let’s see on her face appearance. Carla’s face now looks much stretched and tight, while her skin seems lifeless and dull.

Carla Bruni Before and After Photos

According to Dr. Benham, she likely had got too much fillers and lateral brow lift in her cheeks, and had Radiesse as filler to remove wrinkles. Unfortunately, what she had done made her appearance did not look better, but she even looked weird. The surgeon also noticed that Bruni’s nose shape also has changed, however the doctor could not define if its change was caused by a rhinoplasty surgery because the signs are very subtle.

In addition, some plastic surgeons added that the former model apparently has got cheek implants and lips filler injection in which they had made her cheeks and lips look more plumped and fuller than she used to. When she was confirmed and questioned regarding to spreading rumor saying that her weird appearance was caused by plastic surgery gone wrong, she strongly denied if she became a victim of bad surgery. Nevertheless some people do believe if Carla Bruni cosmetic surgery rumor is a fact because her past appearance and the latest one have much difference.

What do you think of Carla Bruni’s latest appearance? Does she appear age naturally without plastic surgery procedures? You can decide by yourself by looking at and comparing before and after photos above..!