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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

There are many disputes regarding to the reasons of Cameron Diaz plastic surgery. Some claim that her surgery procedures are for medical treatments but not a few of them also guess that she intentionally has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for beauty enhancements. So which one is almost the true fact? We can not define whether her cosmetic surgery is either for medical reasons or beauty enhancements. But the fact says that she looks much more different than before. How well does she look after having some works done? And what kinds of plastic surgery procedures does she have till she can look significantly different? Let’s see..!

If we compare Cameron Diaz plastic surgery before and after pictures, she indeed has some changes on the parts of her body.  It can be seen on her nose which looks much well defined than she used to. We guess that she possibly has got nose job to refine her nose shape to be better than before. However, some people claim that her rhinoplasty surgery is taken because she has breaths problem or it is well known as deviated septum.

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, some people may accept that Cameron Diaz is claimed for medical reasons but what about the changes on her cup size? Comparing by before and after photos, her breast now looks bigger and fuller than before even though it is a bit slightly. We believe that she might have some implants on her bust so that her new boob looks better and fit with her body frame. But the most encouraging news is that her boob job is apparently well done so that her new cup size still looks natural not over done.

On the other hand, Cameron Diaz’s age has crossed more than 41 years old but her face skin still looks so smooth and flawless. We are afraid if she also has got some facial surgery like facelift and Botox injection. Commonly women’s face in her age will show some frown lines but it is totally different when we see on Diaz’s face appearance. It still looks fresh, shiny, and tight that gives her youthful appearance impression. However, some people notice that she has bit overdone in Botox because her face looks fuller as well as her cheeks that look so puffy. On the contrary, a minority of her fans ensures that her different face appearance is all caused by her weight gain; it is not caused by too much facial filler injection.

Over all, Cameron Diaz plastic surgery apparently has stolen public attention. It is not only for the reasons why she decided to go under plastic surgeon’s knife but it is also concerning with the disputes whether she has too much Botox injection or not. Regardless of the debates above, we notice she looks so wonderful in her age, looks younger and fresher.

What do you think about Cameron Diaz plastic surgery? Does she look like to have overdone cosmetic surgery? Never hesitate to speak up your mind here..!