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Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Bruce has admitted that he underwent a nose job and a partial facelift in the 1980s. He also acknowledged that the procedures led to poor results. These contributed to a loss in confidence for the Olympic star. Though the results weren’t the worst ever, they put him on the spotlight owing to the fact that he is a celebrity. Bruce Jenner plastic surgery rumors say that he has undergone more procedures to correct the 1980s surgery that didn’t go very well.

In 2009, on an episode of the famous reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jenner underwent a plastic surgery to correct the botched procedure. The cheerleader of the procedure, Kim Kardashian said that the results were amazing. In her remarks, she mentioned that Bruce is looking better than ever and is very happy with the results.

Bruce Nose Job

Jenner’s cosmetic surgery has been associated with body dysmorphic disorder. The disorder is a condition where one is unable to view themselves realistically. He is said to be obsessed with correcting his looks by having a number of procedures done. People who have this disorder feel bothered even by the smallest flaws and become obsessed with correcting them. Bruce can’t seem to get his hands off his face.

Bruce has been in the spotlight for his laryngeal shave. This procedure is undergone for the initial preparation of gender reassignment. The former athlete has been criticized over the years for tweezing his eyebrows to give him a feminine appearance. Jenner was spotted leaving a surgical Centre with a bandage around his neck. That was proof that he had surgery to shave off his Adam’s apple.

Bruce Jenner plastic surgery became a viral headline when it was disclosed that the great athlete had completely changed from a man to a woman. Sources say that his gender reassignment procedure took up to eight hours.