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Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After

Bruce Jenner Before Plastic Surgery

If there is an award for plastic surgery fans, we think that the Kardashian family would win this award. As we know this family likes to make over the appearance through aesthetic surgery. Almost all members of the family have plastic surgery to improve their appearance as if they do not have confidence enough and feel insecure with their appearance so they decide to get plastic surgery to enhance their appearances. The hottest issue saying that Bruce Jenner has got plastic surgery, Is that true? The big question is how well does he look after having surgical procedures?

Bruce Jenner is best known as a successful athlete since he won the Olympic Games in 1976 and awarded the gold medal. His name becomes more popular ever since he is often asked as motivational speaker, television personality and run his business.  But the most sensational news that makes him become much more popular is when he diced to get marriage with well known American female television personality, Kris Jenner.

Bruce Jenner Before And After Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner is not only known for his achievements in his career but some people especially women are amazed with his good looking as well. However, their admiration now seems to be slightly faded because he is rumored to have some plastic surgery procedures to enhance his appearance. Some people predict that he got anti aging treatment like Botox or other filler injection around his face. Such issues arise when some people found his face still looks young and smooth despite his age is not young anymore as if it is hard to find the aging signs like wrinkles and crows’ feet line on his face region. Bruce does not only reportedly have facial filler injection but he possibly got facelift surgery and nose job (rhinoplasty surgery) as well to make his face skin tight and thinner nose shape.

Unfortunately, since he got so many plastic surgery procedures on his face, it now looks a bit weird. He has tried to have many additional surgery procedures to bring back his youthful face appearance however the result is not satisfying him. Although he seems to get bad plastic surgery result but we could not say that he is the victim of wrong cosmetic surgery.

In short, Bruce Jenner is a kind of masculine and handsome man but after getting older and rumored to get plastic surgery his appearance looks so weird and horrible. I think Bruce Jenner plastic surgery becomes his nightmare and possibly for other men.