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Brooklyn Decker Plastic Surgery News

Brooklyn Decker Plastic Surgery

Brooklyn Decker plastic surgery rumors are going around Hollywood. Hollywood has a way of making even the most beautiful people feel like they are lacking in some way, especially women.

Lately, a larger number of celebrities are choosing to tweak their appearances through plastic surgery. From older stars to young ones there is huge rise in the number of people getting plastic surgery in Hollywood! So is Brooklyn Decker the latest Hollywood celebrity to undergo the knife? The rumors certainly seem to think so!

Brooklyn Decker is an American fashion model and actress. Brooklyn is most famous for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, including the cover of the 2010 issue.

In addition to working for Victoria’s Secret for the 2010 “Swim” collection, she has also acted and made guest appearances on numerous shows such as ‘Chuck’, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘The League’, and ‘Royal Pains’. She made her feature film debut in ‘Just Go with It’, and has also starred in ‘Battleship’ and ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. Brooklyn Decker is married to tennis player Andy Roddick.

Plastic Surgery for Brooklyn

Brooklyn Decker is a stunning and attractive woman, as a swimsuit model she has been blessed with a sexy figure. The beautiful blonde has an amazing figure, she is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a whopping bra size of 3DD. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful models today; she certainly has the dream figure of every woman.

Brooklyn Decker Plastic Surgery

Many have attributed Brooklyn Decker’s breasts to plastic surgery. 36DD breasts certainly do not seem natural on someone so thin and naturally petite. According to sources Brooklyn always wanted be a supermodel and everyone knows that a supermodel has to have a fantastic figure. And Brooklyn apparently got that figure with plastic surgery!

The beautiful blonde got breast augmentation surgery at a young age so she would be able to score better modeling contracts and even become a swimsuit model. Now there are no obvious before and after photos that prove Brooklyn Decker got breast implants but for all we know she could have gotten the surgery when she was very young.

Although Brooklyn’s breast implants might be difficult to prove, there is one Brooklyn Decker plastic surgery that cannot be hidden! That plastic surgery is a nose job. Apparently Brooklyn was not happy with her overly large nose which did not suit her face and small features so she decided to get a rhinoplasty.

Brooklyn’s new nose is small, sharper and more angular. And it is better suited to her face. Brooklyn’s nose job was a success and improved her overall look. Apparently the supermodel decided to get a nose job so she would look perfect in all her photos.

As we all know, Brooklyn Decker is no longer just a supermodel but she has also entered the world of acting. Recently, Brooklyn was spotted looking even more different than usual. The beautiful blonde’s luscious lips were spotted looking plumper. Naturally her lips are thin and narrow, apparently Brooklyn got lip filler injections to enhance her lovely pout!

The Brooklyn Decker plastic surgery rumors, it seems, are all true!