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Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Who does not know Britney Spears? She is a famous singer in the world. Her name becomes popular since she launched her album debut at 1999 titled “Baby One More Time”. Since that time Spears becomes the Princess of the Pop and of course she has lots of fans around the world. For some people she may be a controversial and sensational singer, she often has gossip that some time shock the world. One of the gossips that are addressed to her is her plastic surgery. This beautiful singer reportedly has plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. As a famous singer, she is absolutely surrounded by paparazzi that always ready to shot her up and make gossip about her. It seems that public noticed that there is a little bit change on her physical transformation, especially when they compare her teenager picture with the recent one. Do the changes on her physical appearance indicate the plastic surgery signs or they are just aging process?

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on before and after photos comparison, Britney Spears cup size has changed to be fuller and bigger as if it is referred to the breast augmentation. Besides the change on her bust measurement, she is also rumored to have nose job (rhinoplasty). Although Britney Spears hardly denies that she has been under knife but public still wonder that her cup size change is helped by plastic surgeon who put some implant on her bust. As a mom with two children, it is impossible that she has so beautiful and sexy breast. Commonly the woman who has given child birth has breast feeding period to the baby and usually from the breast feeding the bust would lost its shape. But this problem did not likely happen to Britney’s breast. Her boob still looks round and tight, it does not lost its shape like another woman has. Her cup size still looks natural even it looks much bigger than before. For that reason public speculate that Britney spears has boob job to keep its shape. In addition, regarding to her nose job, her new nose shape looks slimmer with narrower bridge and more reshaped tip whereas in the past Britney has piggy nose that does not fit to her cute frame. From her dramatically changes on her nose shape public believe that she must have rhinoplasty surgery for such nose shape appearance.

Well, Britney spears is not only reported to have breast implant and nose job but she is predicted to have another cosmetic surgery procedure like dermal injection to rejuvenate her skin face. Public suspicion begins when they look at her face appearance which looks so smooth and tight as if there are no aging signs appear on her face.

In short, although she has strongly denied that she has some plastic surgery procedures but after looking at before and after photos we believe that she possibly has been under knife for her physical transformation.

What do you think about Britney Spears plastic surgery? Does she look age naturally? Feel free to share your ideas!