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Brigitte Nielsen Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Brigitte Nielsen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Who supposed that Brigitte Nielsen has got plastic surgery? Some people seems to be shock when they hear if their favorite actress has publicly stated that she has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to keep her youthful appearance. But unfortunately she still hides the procedures, therefore it makes some people still wonder and try to find the answer what cosmetic surgery procedures that she exactly has got.

For you who have not known her yet. She is best known as reality television personality, singer, model, and actress. She recently has shocked many people and her fans because of her bravery in stating if she has gone under the knife to keep her beautiful and sexy appearance. Nevertheless some people still curious why she is so brave to share her surgery procedures to the public whereas there many actresses in Hollywood mostly hide their surgical procedures. Some people claim that she intentionally shared her experience being under plastic surgeon’s knife as the way to express her frustration after divorcing with her husband, Sylvester Stallone. However we can not define whether Brigitte Nielsen cosmetic surgery is related to her divorce. It has to be noted that she was addictive on cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol in which it can affect her appearance.

Brigitte Nielsen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, she likely has got facelift, Botox injection, and eyelid surgery. It can be seen from her face skin appearance which looks so smooth and tight whereas her age is not young anymore. Meanwhile, public suspicion regarding to her Bleharoplasty surgery can be seen from her eyes appearance which still looks fresh and awake up. If such face appearance was related to her real age, it seems to be irrational because 50-year-old-women’s face generally will show some aging signs. Moreover, her eyes also do not appear to have hanging eyes bag. Therefore we strongly believe that Brigitte has got facial surgery.

The other sign that leads disputes is her stomach and legs appearance. She still looks slim and gorgeous whereas she had given 4 children birth. We guess that she possibly has got liposuction as well to remove the excess fat deposits around her stomach and legs.

In short, nevertheless she has got a lot of surgery procedures, but we notice that she does not seem to go overboard with her beauty enhancements surgery. She still looks natural and beautiful as if she really ages naturally. Good job Brigitte Nielsen..!