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Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Looking young in 60-year-old-age is everyone’s dream moreover for those who work in entertainment industry. So it is not wonder if there are many celebrities, actresses and actors, reportedly have plastic surgery to keep their youthful appearance. The latest news reports that Bob Costas, an American sportscaster, has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to maintain his youthful appearance.

Did Bob Costas Get Plastic Surgery?

Robert Quinlan “Bob” Costas who was born on March 22, 1952 is best known as one of successful American sportscasters. Besides being famous as a sportscaster, he is also best known as a host for interview show program, Studio 42 with Bob Costas. However his name is recently being the hottest subject of discussion among his fans since they found his past photos which look different if they are compared with his latest appearance. What are the differences?

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by comparing Bob Costas before and after pictures, this famous sportscaster indeed looks different than other men in his age. He still looks young with tight and smooth face skin appearance. We guess that he probably has got facelift combined with filler injection like Botox because it is almost impossible for 62-year-old-men can always look young with no much aging signs if they do not have any work done on their face.

In addition, if we look at Costas’s eyes appearance, it is still wide opened as if it does not have any eyes bag hanging upper and under the eyes. Based on such eyes appearance, we predict that he might get an eyelid surgery to perfect his previous beauty enhancements, facelift and Botox, which was aimed to give him youthful impression.

In short, Bob Costas now looks ten years younger after getting some of surgical procedures done on his face even though he himself has not released official statements whether he has really been under knife or not, he just stays mum. Nevertheless before and after photos have revealed some plastic surgery facts that make some people strongly believe that Bob Costas cosmetic surgery rumors is in fact true.

What do you think of Costas’s youthful appearance? Does he look natural without any work done? Never hesitate to share your opinions with us..!