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Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Staying in young with no wrinkle and any skin problem is a dream for many celebrities. There are so many veteran celebrities having fresh, smooth, and tight face skin are due to plastic surgery. And the hottest rumor says that Blythe Danner, 70 years old, has got facelift combined with botox injection to help her maintain her youthful face.

Did Blythe Danner Have Plastic Surgery?

Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Well, if we look at before and after photos comparison, she indeed appears wonderful with so smooth, tight, and fresh face impression. We believe that her gorgeous appearance is not due to make up, but we strongly believe that such face appearance is all obtained through plastic surgery procedures like facelift that is combined with some facial filler injection like Botox or others. Generally, 70-year-old-women will show a lot of aging signs on their face if they do not have some aids from plastic surgeon. Hence Blythe Danner cosmetic surgery is in fact true.

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, the beautiful veteran actress apparently has got facelift and neck lift. The surgeon ensured by showing the distinctive surgery signs that were noticed on her face skin. The skin around her face and neck look to be tightened by plastic surgeon. In addition, the doctor also strongly believes that she could have blepharoplasty as well. As we know that that eyelid surgery primarily can help to raise the dropping upper eyelid and reducing bagginess from lower eyelids. So, it is no wonder if her eyes appearance still looks fresh and awake up. Nevertheless she has got some works done, but she does not appear to go over board with them.

In short, plastic surgery indeed will give us best and perfect results if we have proper preparation as it was done by Meryl Streep and Christa Miller. however, if we choose this beauty enhancements without any deep consideration and enough preparation, it will give us worse results, even it will ruin our appearance as it as experienced by Elsa Patton and Delta Burke. Both of them look weird even awful after being under plastic surgeon’s knife. So, which one do you choose?