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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Rumor

Blake Lively has been in the spotlight since she started her career at 11 years old. Her fame thrived right from her first acting role, and she has gained a lot of attention from her love life. She is a model, actress and TV celebrity. Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors have put her in the spotlight once again.

Blake is said to have had a nose job and breast augmentation. The distinctions are very clear, and you can easily spot the difference by looking at her before and after pictures. Before her breast size was different compared to what they are now. However, they still look ideal on her. They are not too big. She did not go a little far to make them too huge like most people do.

Breast job

Many people were surprised by Blake’s plastic surgery rumors as the celebrity is very beautiful. They didn’t see why she needed to alter herself with cosmetic surgery. In addition, many people argue that she is still young and surgery wasn’t necessary at such an age. Some even say she looked better before but majority agree that she looks better after the surgery. With the two minor cosmetic surgery procedures, Lively now looks prettier than ever and has ton of self-esteem. They for sure gave her a good boost.

Blake has denied the rumors that she has had plastic surgery.