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Blake Lively Plastic Surgery: Nose Job & Breast Implants

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Nose Before and After

Since plastic surgery becomes so popular trend for Hollywood celebrities, nowadays if there is a bit change of the celebrities’ appearances, public directly suspect that they have had plastic surgery as well. It is not only for age celebrities but young celebrities likely also have possibilities to have some works done on their appearance. The recent issue says that young and beautiful actress, Blake Lively, has plastic surgery.

Blake Lively plastic surgery rumors are spreading since public found her old pictures uploaded on internet then they compared her old pictures with the latest one, they slightly got something changed on her appearance. if we look at before and after photos, there is indeed a bit change on her nose and cup size. Both of those changes are strongly referred to the rhinoplasty surgery and breast implants. Her nose now looks thinner with narrower tip and nasal bridge whereas she previously had wide nose shape. Meanwhile, her cup size now looks bigger and fuller than before as if there is implant put inside her bust.

However, since public has been talking about her transformation, there is no any statement from Blake Lively. Hence it is hard to know whether she has plastic surgery or the physical transformation is the aging process. As we know that this beautiful actress is still young so everything can happen to her appearance. However, if she really has plastic surgery procedures, they must be done very well by her plastic surgeon so that her change looks natural not look like to be overdone.

In conclusion, although the truth of Blake Lively plastic surgery rumor is still debatable but we do not want to focus on that debate, we notice that notice that she now looks more elegant, beautiful, charming, and has been mature woman though she is still young. Great job Blake!