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Blake Lively Nose Job

Blake Lively nose job worked on her huge nose to give her a smaller and narrower one. It did improve her appearance, and she now looks prettier than ever.

Lively’s nose job was done pretty well. Her face stayed constant, and the nose fits her perfectly. Before plastic surgery, Blake’s nose was wider and bigger, but after it looks more flat and narrow. You don’t need to be a cosmetic surgery expert to spot this transformation.

Nose Job

A nose job is a procedure done to improve the functionality or the shape of the nose. It can be done for medical reasons, to improve breathing or for cosmetic reasons, to change the appearance. The surgeon evaluates the structure of the nose and then reshapes it using various techniques.

Her nose bridge seems to have got special attention from the nose specialist. The nose bridge changed drastically giving her a better nose shape.

Blake Lively nose job helped her get a better appearance and probably a better career too.