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Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Who does not know a veteran actor like Billy Crystal? His real name is William Edward Crystal; he was born on March 14, 1948. He is best known as an American film director, television host, singer, comedian, film producer, writer, voice actor and actor. And his name is now being a subject of discussion among celebrity plastic surgery watchers since some people found him with unusual appearance. What’s wrong with his appearance? Does he look weird?

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After

To answer the question above, we need to look at and to compare Billy Crystal plastic surgery before and after photos. The talented man hosting the academy awards nine times has been suspected using some kinds of filler into her face. And if we judge by before and after photos, he has indeed some works done on his face as many people suspected. We guess that he seems to have facelift combined with some facial filler injections like Botox or others. So, it is not wonder if his face looks tight and smooth like young people. Some plastic surgeons also think that he also has got injectable filler on his lip and cheek to make it looks fuller and tighter than other men lips and cheeks. The surgeon also shows that he possibly has got eyelid surgery as well beyond facial filler injection because his eyes still has fresh impression and free from hanging eyes bag. In addition, some surgeons also think that he also has apparently applied fat grafting or dermal fillers as well to make his look attributed directly to weight gain altering the shape and definition of his face.

In short, even though Billy has never confirmed the rumors, but some do believe if his youthful appearance was obtained through some surgery procedures. Well,if he has really been under plastic surgeon’s knife, he must have taken a lot of advantages from his surgical procedures because he now looks younger than other men in his age.