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Beverly D’angelo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Beverly D'angelo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It is a fact that Beverly Heather D’Angelo now looks different. Since she looks different, some consider that the American singer and actress best known for her role in the National Lampoon’s Vacation as Ellen Griswold has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for her different appearance. How well does she look now until some people believe that she has got some works done on her face? The beautiful actress who was born on November 15th, 1951 still has a beautiful face with free of wrinkle around the face. Her face still looks tight and smooth like young people have.

Did Beverly D’angelo Have Plastic Surgery?

Beverly D'angelo Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Judging by before and after photos, some people agree that she has got some works done to maintain her youthful appearance. They guess that this wonderful actress has possibly got facelift combined with some filler injection like Botox or others. In addition, a famous plastic surgeon like Dr. Paul Nassif says that she has had a facelift, facial filler injections, and botox injections. Those are the classic surgery procedures applied on women in the age of 50 and others, as well as on Beverly D’angelo. So, it is no wonder if she still has a beautiful and bright face with no frown lines, wrinkles and other skin problems in her old age. She may belong to actress who has good cosmetic surgery results so that it makes her face still looks natural.

The other signs referring to Beverly D’angelo cosmetic surgery are on her lips and eyes appearance. Her lips now look fuller with plumped impression making her face more beautiful and sexier. Such lips change is usually obtained through lips filler injection. Not only lips, but she has wide opened eyes now as if it is hard to find hanging eyes bag upper and under her eyes. We guess that she might get eyelid surgery as well to reduce the excess skins around her eyes area. Well, some also notice that D’angelo also has plump cheeks; they suppose that this actress possibly has got cheek implants as well.