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Ben Savage Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ben Savage Plastic Surgery Before and After

Very few child actors make a mark through their portrayal of a TV character, that too a comical one. However, Ben Savage is amongst the rare ones who won hearts of millions of fans through his portrayal of Cory Matthews in ABC’s hit sitcom ‘Boy meets World’. The famous child actor returned to TV in Disney’s sequel of the same show titled, ‘Girl meets world’. However, when the actor returned to play his part in the sequel there were rumors of Ben Savage plastic surgery!

Did Ben Savage get a new nose or grow into his old one?

Ben Savage always had a very prominent and bulbous nose. However, Ben is sporting a very different nose in his new show. ‘Girl meets world’, which is a sequel to his hit, ‘Boy meets world’. Critics and viewers have been speculating, whether Ben Savage has found a great makeup artist or undergone the surgery. Ben Savage Plastic Surgery news is hitting the tabloids, however, from the pictures we may argue that we should take these rumors with a grain of salt.

From the before and pictures featured in this article, Ben’s present nose looks much more proportionate to his face, which gives an illusion of a less bulbous and thinner nose. However, on a closer inspection it can be seen that Ben Savage hasn’t gotten any surgery! In fact, he has just grown into his old nose. It seems like Ben Savage nose job rumors are just that, rumors!

Ben Savage Before and After Photos

According to popular sources, Ben Savage’s Net Worth is over 12 million US dollars. The actor’s much-awaited series, ‘Girl Meets World’, premiered earlier this summer. In an interview, with his co-star Danielle Fishel, Ben spoke about his excitement about the new show and shed some light on the age-old question of whether the on screen couple, ever dated in real life, to which Don said, “We’ve always been best friends and what is there not to love about Ben? He’s obviously very handsome; he’s very smart, he’s very, very funny.

Nobody makes me laugh more than Ben does. But Ben and I have always been just best friends and like family members.” Similarly Ben also denied dating his co screen costar, Don Fishel. The duo has made a stunning couple on screen and would have made an even more wonder couple off screen! (Like Debby Ryan and Hilary Duff)