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Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Bar Refaeli Nose Job Before and After

One more a sexy model has been reported having plastic surgery; she is Bar Refaeli who is best known as a swimsuit model that always shows of her sexy frame in every shot. At first there many people are amazed with her sexy appearance but her name now becomes a hot topic of discussion among celebrity viewers since she looks a bit different in her recent shots. How does she look now until there are many people are talking about her? Does she have possibilities to be under surgeon’s knife for her different appearance? Let’s check out the following reviews in order to know whether she has plastic surgery or the rumor is just hoax..!

Everybody agrees that Bar Refaeli is a beautiful and sexy woman that has proportional body, she also has charming appearance. But in some shots she shows some changes on her appearance especially on her cups size which now looks a bit bigger than before and her nose that looks slightly different than before. Does it indicate that she has implant in her bust?

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well if we look at Bar Refaeli plastic surgery before and after Photos, she indeed has some changes on her bust appearance. It looks too big for her tiny body frame. We guess that she has been under surgeon’s knife for breast implants so that her new cup size can look bigger than before. On the other hand, if we look detail at before and after photos, she apparently does not only have boob job but we also found that her nose now looks slightly different. Her nose now looks well defined with smaller nostrils appearance where as her old picture reveals that she previously possessed wide nose appearance with slightly rounded at tip. We suppose that she has got nose job as well for her nose shape changes.

There are many disputes regarding to Bar Refaeli plastic surgery rumor, some plastic surgery experts agree that she has breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgery to enhance her image. As it was explained by Dr. Jennifer Walden, she said that this beautiful and sexy model apparently had got very well plastic surgery procedures like breast implants and nose job so that she could look wonderful in her 28-year-old-age. The surgeon ensured that both of her surgery procedures, boob job and nose surgery, were well done hence her appearance still looks natural and conservative.

On the contrary, not a few of them disagree if this model has some beauty enhancements through cosmetic surgery procedures. They ensure that she is still young so everything can happen to her. They add that if we found some differences on her appearance, it may be caused by makeup or camera effect or view angler. It is hard to know whether Bar Refaeli plastic surgery rumor is true or false because she never gives confirmation about it.

In short, regardless of whether Bar Refaeli has plastic surgery or not, we notice that she indeed looks more mature in her 28-year-old-age. If she really has been under knife for her changes, we believe that all the procedures of her plastic surgery are well done. However, if she really ages naturally, we would be proud of her because she is still able to stay away from plastic surgery interest. Whatever she has done to her appearance seems to be great job.

What do you think of Bar Refaeli nose job and breast implants rumor? Does she look like to have some works done? Feel free to share your ideas..!