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Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Axl Rose After Plastic Surgery

Yet another famous musician has become the subject of rumors surrounding plastic surgery; he is the lead vocalist of rock band “Gun N’ Roses.” Axl Rose’s plastic surgery has now become a hot topic of discussion among plastic surgery viewers since this kind of news is being used as headlines in some celebrity and health magazines. The common question that often appears in our mind is what kinds of surgery procedures has he received? More importantly, does he look better or worse after getting cosmetic surgery? Let’s find the answer below!

Axl Rose Before Plastic Surgery

William Bruce Rose A.K.A Axl Rose, was born on February 6th, 1962. He became popular around the world when he started his debut career as a rock star as the lead vocalist of rock band “Gun N’ Roses.” However, his career achievements seem to be a little tarnished by unpleasant news that reported him being under a surgeon’s knife several times to enhance his image. He has apparently gone too far with his plastic surgery procedures. Some people are afraid that he has become one of the victims of bad plastic surgery. What kinds of surgery procedures could have resulted in his current appearance?

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Comparing Axl Rose plastic surgery pictures before and after, he indeed looks significantly different than he used to. He looks almost unrecognizable, his new appearance looks weird and far worse. Based on the before and after photo comparison above, we guess that he has had too many surgery procedures like facelifts, botox injections, eyelid surgery, nose jobs, cheek implants, chemical peeling, fat grafting, and many others.

Unfortunately, Axl Rose’s surgery was not well done. The evidence of his facelift combined with some facial filler injections have made his face look tight, frozen, and plasticized even though it’s free from any signs of aging. Meanwhile, if we look at his cheeks, they look fuller, making his face look swollen. This may be caused by too many cheek implants and fat grafting. In addition, based on before and after pictures above, his eyes look too wide, which may be the result of too many blepharoplasties. There are still many other parts of his body that indicate he has had plastic surgery.

We have to note that Axl Rose is not the only male celebrity who has reportedly received plastic surgery that went wrong. There are still many male celebrities who look weird after getting some work done. Some examples include Bruce Jenner and Sylvester Stallone. These men have tried to turn back the clock, and in doing so they made themselves look far worse.

In short, Axl Rose’s plastic surgery story can teach us a valuable lesson: that not all cosmetic surgeries can guarantee a good result, rather, it can be like as boomerang for our appearance. Consider the consequences if you decide to have plastic surgery done.