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Aubrey O’Day Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Aubrey O Day Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are many celebrities in Hollywood who likely feel insecure with their body shape and then reportedly have some plastic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance which can boost their confidence. Aubrey O Day is one of those celebrities; she is rumored to have some works done on her appearance. At first everyone must agree that she is a beautiful and sexy woman but since there is a rumor saying that she has been under knife to improve her image, some begin to think that her sexy appearance is not natural then they wonder and compare her old pictures with the latest one.

Did Aubrey O’day Have Plastic Surgery?

Aubrey O Day started stealing public attention when she toke a part on MTV reality show “making the band”. Then her name began to be known by many people even some film producers offered her to expand her career in acting. However, the more she becomes famous the more gossips adressed to her. And the latest rumors say that she has had some plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, lip fillers, and also used dermal fillers injected into her face so that her appearance has changed dramatically.

Aubrey O'Day Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on before and after pictures, she indeed has some transformations on her appearance especially on her face area and cup size. Some people may know that Aubrey O Day previously had A-cup size but it recently has changed into D-cup size. For that reason, some people believe that she had breast implants so that her cup size can look in such way. For some people, her new cup size seems to be a great transformation for her so that she can look much sexier. In some recent pictures, her lips also look a bit different than she used to. It now looks fuller and more plumped up as if it has been injected with some filler injection like collagen, Restylane or Juverderm. The changes on her lips surely have made her look much more perfect.

Furthermore, if we look detail at Aubrey O’day before and after plastic surgery pictures, she apparently does not only have boob job and lip filler injection but she also likely has facial filler like Botox or other dermal injection on her face. It can be seen from her new face appearance which looks so smooth and flawless. However, we think that her new face appearance looks a bit unnatural because it looks so smooth and tight. in addition, her cheeks also ppears to be fuller, it is possibly injected with some dermal fillers as well so that her cheek can look in such way .

In conclusion, Aubrey O Day is surely a beautiful woman and she has bright career. However her career achievements seems to be tarnished by plastic surgery rumor. Honestly, she indeed looks much sexier than before after having some works done but we prefer to look her in natural beauty without any plastic surgery procedures.

What do you think about Aubrey O’day plastic surgery? Does she look much better? Or she even looks unnaturl? Feel free to post your coments here!