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Asian Celebrity Jaejoong JYJ Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

One more the member of JYJ boy band, Jaejoong, is rumored getting plastic surgery to enhance his image as a celebrity. Like another Korean celebrities, it seems that he also some works done on his appearance through plastic surgery. Although he hardly denied it, but public still believe that he has committed to plastic surgery. As we know that Korea is a country where the people are legalized to do plastic surgery therefore many celebrities there has some surgical procedures to improve their image.

Jaejoong JYJ Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Jaejoong JYJ Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Jaejoong JYJ plastic surgery rumors started spreading around the public when some people found her old pictures before becoming JYJ member on internet, and then they compare his old pictures to the latest ones. There are indeed a little bit changes on his appearance after being a super star. Ever since they found something different on his appearance, they believe that this singer has some cosmetic surgery procedures.

If we look at before and after photos, we can see that his piggy nose and narrow eyes have changed. His nose has changed to be slimmer with narrower bridge and sharper tip while his narrow eyes now look wider. It seems that Jaejoong has nose job and double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) that makes his nose and eyes look better than before.

Jaejoong is not only best known as a singer but he is also known as an actor. He does not only have gold voice and talented in dance but he also has good skill in acting. His charming and cute appearance really makes people spellbound. However, since public know the different appearance before and after being super star, they doubt his natural appearance.

Most Korean celebrities who have plastic surgery procedures usually deny that they have some works done to improve their looks, Jaejoong also denied that he has been under knife to enhance his appearance. He told that he was blessed with good genes that make him look pretty enough for real man.

However, although he hardly denied that he has plastic surgery to enhance his image, public still wondered that he has this surgical procedure. The drastically transformation changed on his looking has made them believe that he indeed has been under surgeon knife.  They think that it is impossible for a man whose drastic changes in the short time if he does not have plastic surgery.

In short, the truth of Jaejoong JYJ plastic surgery rumor is still debatable. He may be true if he is really blessed with good genes so that he can look in such way. However, if he really has some surgical procedures, he apparently takes a lot of advantages from his plastic surgery.  Regardless of whether he has been under knife or not, we think that he indeed becomes better than before.

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