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Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Most people know that Christopher Ashton Kutcher is a successful American former model, producer, and actor, but some may not know that he has been rumored to have some works done to maintain his youthful appearance.

The famous star who was born on February 7, 1979 and best known as Michael Kelso in that ‘70s Show Fox sitcom is clearly handsome so that most women adore him so much because of his appearance. But, some of his fans are surprised with his new appearance. So, what is wrong with his appearance? Some people think that his latest appearance now looks a bit unnatural. They are afraid if his unnatural appearance is all caused by cosmetic surgery procedures.

Ashton Kutcher Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

Judging by comparing between before and after photos,there is something strange on his face especially on his nose shape. It apparently has been reshaped through rhinoplasty surgery so that his face now looks a bit change. It has to be noted that he previously had bulbous nose, but it now looks narrower and more defined at the tip and middle cartilage. Some celebrity plastic surgery watchers believe that he has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for nose job. Luckily, Ashton Kutcher nose job has been successfully carried out so that his appearance now looks more attractive and his new nose shape looks fit to his face frame.

In addition, one source claimed that the successful actor does not only once surgery, but he reportedly had got two surgical treatments. First, when he was at high school and the second is one later on. Regardless to whether he has got surgery procedures more than once, the former model now looks great and elegant.