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Ashley Greene Nose Job Before After Photos

Ashley Greene Nose Job Before and After

It seems to be general truth if there are many Hollywood celebrities have reportedly been under plastic surgeon’s knife to improve their image. And one of the common surgery procedures that they got is a rhinoplasty surgery. The latest news reports that American model and actress, Ashley Greene, has been a plastic surgeon’s patient. She is rumored to have nose job.

Did Ashley Greene Have Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty?

The pretty woman, born on February 21, 1987, is best known as the rising star since she played in the Twilight movie series. However her wonderful appearance is now being sued and doubted for its prevalence. Some people suspect that she likely has some works done on her nose because it now looks a bit different than she used to look in the previous years.

Ashley Greene Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, judging by before and after pictures, her nose indeed appears to be a little bit different. It now looks thinner and slightly shrunken, whereas she previously had been known with a bulbous nose shape. Thus we think that Ashley Greene nose job rumor is in fact right.

If we look detail and carefully at her new nose shape, it appears to be narrowed and definitely sculpted by her plastic surgeon so that Ashley’s nose now looks little bit asymmetrical. According to some famous surgeons, such nose change can be caused by the lower cartilage that collapse. As it was revealed by Dr. Aston, she must have got a good improvement on her nose through a rhinoplasty surgery.

However, it has to be kept in mind that she is not the only actress who reportedly has been under knife for a nose job, but there are still many Hollywood celebrities who have been also suspected for having nose surgery. They are Emily Blunt and her mate in Twilight series, Kristen Stewart. Both of them are reported to have a rhinoplasty as well by means of beauty enhancements.

In short, although the actress has not confirmed yet about her spreading plastic surgery rumor, but some people do believe that her latest nose has become a product of beauty enhancements.