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Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgery is lately embellishing some headlines of celebrity magazines. He reportedly has got some surgery procedures to enhance his cool appearance. This rumor began spreading out to the public when he was found with impressive appearance in his 65-year-old-age. His face skin still looks smooth and tight. Therefore, some people speculate that he was possibly under knife to maintain his youthful appearance. The big question is what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did he get?

Judging by before and after pictures, this actor who is also best known as politician, investor, businessman, director, producer, and bodybuilder likely has got facelift and neck lift which were combined with some filler injection like Botox. This suspicion is based on his latest face appearance which looks so smooth, tight, and free from aging signs. Commonly, 65-year-old-men’s face will show some wrinkles, crows feet lines, or other aging signs, but what we see on Arnold’s face, it is totally different. He still looks fresh and young. Therefore, we strongly believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger cosmetics surgery rumor is in fact true.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Before and After Photos

The other sign referring to his plastic surgery is on his cheek and chin appearance. His cheek still looks higher and fuller than other men’s cheek in his age. We guess that he could have got cheek implants to complete the previous surgery procedure. Meanwhile, his chin also appears looks sharper and does not have any sagging skin there. Such chin appearance is usually obtained through chin implants hence we do believe that he din not only have implants on his cheek but he also had got chin augmentation. How does the actor respond to the spreading rumor saying that he had got some works done to enhance the youthful appearance? Does he deny or on the contrary admit the entire spreading rumor?

When Arnold Schwarzeneggerwas confirmed and questioned about the possibilities of having plastic surgery, he strongly denied that he did not ever have some works done to enhance and improve his cool appearance. Nevertheless some plastic surgeons do believe if this multi talented man has got some surgery procedures on his face. Moreover the fact says that most celebrities who have been in 40 years old age reportedly have some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep their youthful appearance as what was done by Judge Reinhold and Billy Crystal.

Over all, Arnold Schwarzenegger likely has taken a lot of advantages from his plastic surgery procedures even though he denied all of them. He looks great though his age has crossed more than 65 years old.