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Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery News

Anushka Sharma before and after plastic surgery

Anushka Sharma plastic surgery rumors are doing the rounds! Bollywood is behind Hollywood in the number of plastic surgeries and the openness towards the practice.

While more stars in Hollywood are being open about their plastic surgery procedures, the practice is still taboo in Indian cinema. Although many in the Indian film industry have also had plastic surgery, barely any have accepted the rumors regarding their plastic surgeries. The latest star to be plagued by plastic surgery rumors is none other than the beautiful Anushka Sharma.

Anushka Sharma is an Indian film actress, producer and former model. Anushka made her acting debut in Aditya Chopra’s ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’, in 2008 alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Anushka’s successes in the film industry, as well as her amazing acting talent have made her one of Bollywood’s most promising actresses. Anushka became one of the youngest female actor-turned-producers in India when she and her brother Karnesh Sharma set up Clean Slate Films.

Plastic Surgery Rumors for Ms. Sharma

Plastic surgery rumors in India are a far bigger deal than they are in Bollywood. Actresses in Bollywood, especially, are scrutinized and criticized if plastic surgery rumors regarding them start circulating.

The rumors about Anushka Sharma are regarding the changed shape of her lips. According to speculation, Anushka’s naturally thin lips are now plump and pouty.

Many are saying that Anushka has had plastic surgery to change the shape of her lips. Reportedly, Anushka was unhappy with her thin lips and wanted a plump pout to change her appearance. But apparently the actress was not lucky in the process.

The change in the shape of her lips was drastic, prompting people to compare her lips to the ‘Guy Fawkes mask’ and even Donald Duck. Some even blamed Aunskha’s rumored boyfriend, cricketer Virat Kohli for her decision to get plastic surgery.

Anushka Sharma Before and After Photos

Anushka Sharma’s publicity relations team stepped in to deny the rumors but the talk did not stop. The actress appeared on a popular talk show ‘Koffee With Karan’ with lips looking larger than ever before, sparking even more controversy. This prompted the beautiful actress to address the rumors herself, on Twitter.

Comments on Rumors!

The actress went on the record saying that for a short while now I have been using a temporary lip enhancing tool and that along with makeup techniques (I have learnt over the years) is the reason why there might be a change in the appearance of my lips.

Having stated this fact let me very vehemently assure everyone that I have by no means gone under the knife or done any kind of plastic surgery or undergone any intrusive procedure.

Anushka has been clever in the words that she used in her statement, although she denied plastic surgery outright she has left the room open to speculation that she had lip enhancements such as lip pumping injections or lip collagen which can last up to months.

In her statement, Anushka went on to say I do not believe in plastic surgery or any other means of unnatural permanent changes to the body. I do not support it or stand for it or recommend it. Seems like Anushka is going out of her way to express her stance on plastic surgery.