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Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Anne Hathaway Nose Job Before and After

Plastic surgery is not something new anymore for celebrities. Most of them reportedly ever had been under knife to increase their appearance. The latest news reports that 31 years old actress, Anne Hathaway, has got some surgical procedures. What kinds of plastic surgery procedures did she have? Let’s check out the following reviews..!

Comparing and judging by before after pictures, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway who is best known as an American actress obviously has some changes on her appearance. Firstly, let’s take a look on her nose shape. It now looks much better defined than she used to. Her nose now looks nice and elevated up especially the tip. Her new nose shape is considered more appropriate for her face frame than before. Based on such nose appearance we guess that she possibly has got nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery.

breast augmentation before and after photo Anne Hathaway

On the other hand, if we look at her cup size, both of her busts now look bigger and fuller than before. We suppose that the former star of The Princess Diaries has been under knife for breast implants so that her breast size looks sexier and awesome. However there are many disputes regarding to the changes of her cup size. Some people claim that it was caused by tight dress that showed up her breast, but not a few of them do believe if she really has got breast augmentation so that her breast can look in such way. (Just like Gabrielle Anwar, Emma Stone and Jennifer Garner.

How does Anne Hathaway respond to the spreading rumor? Since this rumor has become a hot topic of discussion, there have no been any official statements from the actress. She just stays mum with her transformation. Nevertheless some people strongly believe that she indeed had some work done to improve her appearance, especially her nose and breast.

In short, even though she has neither denied nor admitted whether she has really got nose job and breast implants, we notice that she now looks more stunning than she used to. If she really has been under knife, we believe that her plastic surgeon has worked well so that she can look more gorgeous.