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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Anna Faris Breast Implants Before and After

There are many Hollywood celebrities interested in getting cosmetic surgery and it seems to inspire this beautiful actress Anna Faris also interested to get plastic surgery to enhance her image. This actress likely feels not confident with her appearance so that she decided to commit with some surgery procedures. The big question is what kind plastic surgery procedures she has got? And how well does she look after getting some works done? Let’s see…!

As we know that Anna Faris is indeed a beautiful actress who has been playing in many movies like “Scary Movie”, “The House Bunny”, “Lost in Translation”, and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. There are many people who are taken a back by how get she can cat and how beautiful she is. However they now begin to doubt her beauty since they found something strange on her appearance. They are afraid if her sexy appearance is obtained through some surgical procedures. Is that true if she has some beauty enhancements?

Anna Faris Nose Job Before and After

Comparing by Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after photos, she surely has definitely changed on parts of her body. Her cup size now looks bigger and fuller than before. We guess that she possibly has got breast augmentation through implants so that her breast appearance can look in such way. The other sticking plastic surgery sign is on her nose shape, it now looks much better defined than she used to. She possibly has nose job as well to make her nose shape look better as we have seen on her latest appearance. Furthermore if we look at the whole of her face appearance, we suppose that she has some facial filler injections like Botox or other injectable filler. Let’s see her face skin that looks so smooth and free from wrinkles whereas her age has crossed 37 years old. Such face appearance in her age rarely happens to other women in her age.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Bbefore and After

Well, if we see on before and after photos, Anna Faris cosmetic surgery does not only fix on her cup size and face skin but she apparently has chin surgery and lips filler injection as well. Her chin now looks sharper while her lips look so juicy. We believe that all her filler injections have worked well on her face so that she still looks amazing in her 37-year-old-age. Moreover she has big cup size; it more makes her look sexier than before.

When this beautiful actress is asked to make some clarifications regarding to the rumor, Anna admitted that she has got breast implants to change her cup size to be bigger and fuller than she used to have in the past. She also told that she feels great after having such surgery procedure.

To summarize Anna Faris plastic surgery looks like a very good example for good plastic surgery done on Hollywood celebrities. However, the proudest thing is that she openly admitted that she has some works done even though she did not clearly tell what kind of surgery procedures that she has got. Good job Faris..!