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Amerie Plastic Surgery: Nose Job Before And After

Amerie Plastic Surgery Before And After

Amerie Plastic Surgery is lately being used as headlines of some celebrity and health magazines, and becomes a hot topic discussion among celebrity viewers. She reportedly has some works done for the certain of the parts of her body. Let’s see what the parts of her body have changed, and how well does she look now..!

Did Amerie Have Plastic Surgery?

Amerie Mi Marie Rogers is best known as an American recording artist and record producer, but some people may know her as a beautiful actress as well. She began her career when she released her debut album All I Have in 2002. Afterwards she expanded her career as actress in various movies and television series. However her name has been adorning some headlines of magazines, it is not caused by her career achievements, but it is all caused by the rumor saying that she has been a plastic surgeon’s patients.

Amerie Nose Job Before And After

Judging by before and after photos, this woman who was born on January 12, 1980 indeed has some changes on her appearance, especially on her nose shape. Some people guess that the change on her nose shape is caused by a rhinoplasty surgery so that it now looks much better defined and delicate. It has to be noted that Amerie’s nose shape previously looked wide-tipped and flat which was not proper to her face frame because it now looks more elegant and nice than she used to.

However Amerie is not the only actresses who reportedly have been under knife for nose job, there are many other celebrities like Adrienne Bailon and Ashley Greene also reportedly have a rhinoplasty surgery to refine their nose shape. Both of those actresses have taken a lot of advantages from their nose surgery. They look much better than she used to.

Since this rumor has been spreading out widely and become a hot topic discussion among celebrity viewers in various online forums, there has been neither official denial nor admission from the actress. She still keeps secret of her beauty enhancements. Nevertheless some people do believe if she indeed has got rhinoplasty surgery for the change on her nose shape.

In short, Nose job seems to be the secret of her beautiful appearance because she looks better after getting a rhinoplasty surgery that has made her nose shape fit to her face frame.

What do you think of Amerie’s latest nose appearance? Does she appear to have nose job? Never hesitate to speak up your mind with us..!