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Amanda Lepore As a Man: Before and After Plastic Surgery

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Before and AfterAmanda Lepore as a man was only the beginning of the story. It has to be noted that Amanda was firstly born as a man but he decided to change his gender to be female through some surgical procedures before he reached 18 years old. Instead of transitioning into the female gender, Amanda turned herself into a cartoonist Femme Fatale creature. Consequently her appearance now looks worse than before.

Changing from a man to a woman requires lots of surgical procedures that have to be done, and what we have seen on Amanda’s appearance, we strongly believe that she could have had multiple plastic surgeries to make her dream come true. Well, the big question is what plastic surgery procedures did she have in the past? Let’s check the complete information below.

Amanda Lepor Plastic Surgery Before and After

Since Amanda declared she was having a gender transformation, she began to consult doctors for what plastic surgery procedures she would need to make her dream come true. Looking at before and after photos, we guess that she had various plastic surgery procedures to make parts of the body identical to a woman’s body. There are many sources that claim she reportedly had breast implants inserted three times to add to her breast volume, a nose job (rhinoplasty), eye lift surgery, and eye slanting. Then she also had a forehead lift, a face lift, and some filler injections in the hips, lips, and butt, as well as many others procedures. Finally she not only turned into a woman but she even looks like caricature woman.

There are many people who really regret her decision, however what she has done is absolutely her choice. We hope that she can still feel comfortable and secure with her extreme appearance. Previously we might have seen that there was an actresses who desired to change her appearance, like a wild cat; she is Jocelyn Wildenstein who is now best known as “cat woman.” She had to go back and forth to the doctor to have some plastic surgery procedures in order to make her appearance looks like a wild cat. Her surgical procedures seem to be overdone so much so that her appearance looks weird or even worse. At the end she regretted her decision to change her appearance through plastic surgery.

When Amanda Leepore issued some statements regarding her extreme appearance, she said that she indeed has done multiple plastic surgery procedures. She explained that she wanted to look like to Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit. Therefore plastic surgery became the best way to make her dream come true but unfortunately the results were beyond her expectation, her appearance now looks weird.

Over all, Amanda Lepore plastic surgery is an example of a bad plastic surgery case. She looks worse and terrible after getting some work done. Hopefully this case can be a lesson for everyone who plans to get beauty enhancements through cosmetic surgery procedures.