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Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Amanda Bynes Nose job Before and After

People must be familiar with this rising American actress Amanda Laura Bynes who becomes popular since she had been involved in All That, American live-action and sketch comedy-variety show which is aired by Nickelodeon cable television network. Since she began her career as a child actress in 1999 she has changed a lot. She is not child actress anymore, but she now becomes a beautiful actress. However, there is something wrong with her recently. She is not a sweet little girl that people love. That is surprising that she becomes more erratic with extreme makeover photos in twitter and alleged eating disorder and plastic surgery. Additionally, she was hospitalized under more than five thousands mental health evaluation because criminal possession of drugs.

She always tweets about her nose because of nose job. Her nose was broken and she wanted to have rhinoplasty. Different from other actresses who actually hide their beauty enhancements, Bynes makes no bones about her secret in having cosmetic surgery. The troubled actress not only shows about her nose job, but she tells that she has removed her breast implant because of feeling uncomfortable with them. One source reported that she lately has been spending more time on the operating table.

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

She also tells that her breasts are better than before because she has no implant anymore. The 27 year old actress adds that she loves improve her appearance so that is why she wants to has plastic surgery over and over again. She said that surgery belongs to a complete miracle for her. Now, she decides to stop working in Hollywood. Why? It is because she thinks that she feels insecure about her appearance although actually she really wants to begin filming video for the career of her music planning on launching with a famous rapper.