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Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery Details

Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery rumors

Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery rumors are circulating around Hollywood! Plastic surgery among celebs is becoming common now and more and more celebrities are now choosing to go under the knife to change their appearances.

Whether it is to change a perceived flaw or remove signs of ageing plastic surgery is fast gaining popularity among stars in Hollywood. Read on to find out if Alyson Hannigan is the latest star to fall on the plastic surgery bandwagon.

The 40 year old has been on our screens since the last sixteen years and at times it looks like she has barely aged; is that because of plastic surgery, clever makeup or good genes?

Alyson Hannigan is an American actress. She is most famous for her roles as Lily Aldrin in the hit CBS sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and as Willow Rosenberg in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Alyson has also appeared in the American Pie film series as Michelle Flaherty. Her television roles have made her an admired actress with a very large fan base.

Trying to Look Younger

Throughout her roles on television, one thing has been constant about Alyson Hannigan she has looked beautiful! It seems that her beauty has only grown with age.

This, many say, is due to a little help from plastic surgery and certain cosmetic procedures. Many say that the most noticeable of Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery procedures are facelifts and Botox injections.

The 40 year old actress does not have sagging skin or obvious wrinkles and that may be because she has a little help. However, her younger looking skin may also be due to clever makeup, a good skincare regime or a balanced diet and good genes! Alyson herself has not commented upon plastic surgery rumors so we cannot say for sure what the secret to her youthful looking skin is.

Alyson Hannigan Before and After Photos

According to rumors, Alyson has also had a nose job! Apparently, in the past Alyson did not like the shape of her nose and thought it did not suit her face and hence decided to get a rhinoplasty.

In some pictures there is a marked difference in the shape of her nose which nose looks smaller and more angular. However, that can be due to ageing or even makeup.

The most talked about and commented on Alyson Hannigan plastic surgery rumor is breast augmentation surgery! Apparently Alyson has gotten breast implants to increase the size of her breasts. Many female celebrities are conscious about the size of their breasts and think that getting breast augmentation surgery can help boost their careers. Reportedly, Alyson got breast augmentation surgery after the first ‘American Pie’ film.

Many of Alsyon Hannigan’s fans have rejected the rumors that she has gotten plastic surgeries. They think that the star’s appearance is natural and not helped by artificial procedures. Many actors, however, are relying on facelifts and Botox injections to help get rid of wrinkles, lines and other signs of ageing, we would not blame Alsyon if she, too, opted for these methods.

If Alyson Hannigan indeed got plastic surgery, we think her procedures were well done. Many celebrities get botched plastic surgeries which leave them looking unnatural but that is not the case with Alyson, she looks as natural and attractive as before!