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Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Adrienne Bailon Nose Job Before and After

Adrienne Bailon’s plastic surgery rumors are everywhere, but who is she really? She is best known as an American television personality, dancer, actress, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. She has been rumored to have plastic surgery procedures lately to improve her beautiful image. If the actress who was born on October 24, 1983 has really been under a plastic surgeon’s knife, the big question is what kind of surgical procedures has she had done? Let’s see the answer below!

If we look at Adrienne Bailon’s latest appearance and then we compare that with the old one, she does have some changes to her appearance, especially on the face and chest area. The member of cheetah girls and 3LW now has an elegant nose and sexy breasts. To make sure, this is the result of plastic surgery, let’s see the before and after photos above and below.

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by these photos, her nose indeed looks different. It looks much more refined, with a thin and straight tip. As a result it now appears to be more elegant than before. It has to be noted that her old nose previously looked a bit wide and bulbous at the tip. Therefore we believe that the Adrienne Bailon nose job rumors are in fact true. The other surgery signs that point to the plastic surgery is in her new cup size which looks larger and rounder. Therefore, many people believe that she has breast implants to perfect her sexy image. Some people consider her new bust appearance to be too large and unrealistic for her body frame.

On the other hand, some people also note that she may not have had a rhinoplasty surgery and breast augmentation, but that she likely has also had other plastic surgery procedures. They speculate that she possibly has received eyelid surgery, botox injections, and chin implants. Their suspicions are based on the appearance of her eyes, face skin, and chin. Her eyes still look wide open and fresh despite her age, which is not young. Meanwhile, her face skin now appears to be smooth, tight, and ageless. Last but not least, Adrienne Bailon’s chin appearance now looks sharper and fuller than before.

In short, she may hide the rumors about her beauty enhancement surgery, but before and after photos cannot hide the truth. We are fairly confident that the Adrienne Bailon plastic surgery rumors are true. Some of her closest friends have also gone under the knife, such as Eva Green, Wendy Williams & Kaley Cuoco.

What do you think of Adrienne Bailon’s latest appearance? Do some of these changes to her appearance look natural? You can decide yourself by looking at and comparing her before and after photos above.