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Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Adriana Lima Nose Job Before and After

Everyone will agree that Victoria Secret model, Adriana Lima, is sexy and beautiful although she has got two children. She is not only a model whose stunning appearance but she is also best known as actress. One of her great roles in film industry can be seen in The Follow and Ugly Betty movie. As a sexy model, she is of course not far away from the body treatments or appearance enhancements. The latest rumors say that she has been under surgeon knife to improve her sexy image.

Did Adriana Lima Have Plastic Surgery?

This Brazilian model is not the only Victoria Secret models that have been rumored to have some works done to enhance their sexy image but there are still many her playmates have some works done as well. Her plastic surgery is possibly inspired by her friends or it is an obligation for all Victoria Secret angles to keep their beautiful and sexy appearances even though they have to be under surgeon knife.

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Based on before and after plastic surgery photos, the wife of Serbian NBA player, Marko Jari?, Adriana likely has breast augmentation and lip augmentation. If we look at before photo, she has smaller cup size so that it shows the larger space between her assets. However, since she becomes model her small cup size now has changed to be bigger and fuller moreover she has two children and her boob still looks amazing. As if there is something put inside of her bust like implants. It is possible that she has had plastic surgery procedure like breast implant. Beside that Lima also has fuller lips; it indicates that she has lip augmentation through lip fillers injection like collagen, Scupltra or another to make her lips look juicier.

When she is asked about this news, Adriana Lima denied that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her image as a sexy model. She told that the secret of her beauty just good diet and enough exercise. She ensured that both of them can help her to obtain toned body and stay young naturally. Although she hardly denied that she has had some works done to improve her image as a beautiful model, plastic surgeon from Manhattan Dr. David Shafer has his own judgments regarding to her sexy appearance. The surgeon believes that Adriana Lima has got breast augmentation and lip fillers to make her frame looks sexier than before.

In short, regardless of whether Adriana Lima has plastic surgery or not, we think that she looks better than she used to look before she became a model. What do you think? Does she appear to grow naturally? Or does she look like to have some plastic surgery procedures as many people suspected?